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SA1 Model Class VI

Summative Assessment

Model Paper

Class 6

Sub:- English Marks:80


The question paper is divided into four sections.

Section A: Reading comprehension 20 marks

Section B: Writing 20 marks

Section C: Grammar 20 marks

Section D: Literature 20 marks

Section A (Reading) 20marks

1 Read the following passage carefully. (5 Marks)


Autumn is the season that falls between summer and winter. There are many changes that begin in this fascinating season. Days become shorter. Leaves of trees turn from green to vibrant red, yellow and orange. Trees need sunlight to keep their leaves a lively green. Without sunlight leaves turn colors. The grass is no longer blanketed with dew but with frost, almost every morning, as temperatures reach the freezing point. Animals start storing up a food supply to last through the long winter months. These changes occur as we adjust from the heat of the summer to the chill of the winter.

Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate options from the ones given below:

1. Autumn occurs between summer and which other season?

a. January b. spring

c. winter d. solstice

2. Which of the following changes may occur during Autumn?

a. days become shorter b. it becomes very hot

c. days become longer d. there is more sunlight

3. Why do leaves change color during Autumn?

a. they don't get enough oxygen b. they don't get enough light

c. they don't get enough water d. they get too much oxygen

4. What do animals begin to do to prepare for the end of Autumn?

a. store extra body fat b. eat less

c. shed fur d. turn colors

5 Which of the following is right?.

a. summer is cool b. winter is chilly

c. You find grass everywhere in autumn d. You find frost in summer

2. Read the following passage carefully. (5 Marks Meet the Marmot

The marmot is the largest member of the squirrel family. Most squirrels live

in trees. However, the marmot like the chipmunk and the prairie dogs who

are also squirrels, prefer to live in burrows in the ground, in large colonies.

Two varieties of marmots are found in India - the Himalayan marmot and the

Long tailed marmot. Both live in the higher levels of the Himalayas. One

place where both are found is Ladakh.

Marmots live on seeds of various plants, roots, leaves and fruits.

Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate options from the ones given below:

1. Marmots belong to ---------------

a) cat b)dog c) squirrel d) monkey

2. Who prefers to live in burrows in the ground

a) Chipmunk

b) prairie dog

c) marmot

d) all the above

3.Which of the following is true?

a)Most squirrels live in trees.

b)The long tailed marmot is not found in Ladakh

c)Marmots live alone

d)chipmunks are not squirrels

4. What do marmots feed on ?




d.all of the above

5. Which is the largest member of the squirrel family ?


b. prairie dog

c. marmots

d. tree squirrel

3. Read the following passage carefully. (5 Marks

New York

New York is the largest city in the United States. More than eight million people live in the Big Apple. New York City is also home of the United Nations. New York city is located in the state of New York. New York City is home to two hundred and fifty museums, four hundred art galleries, and the world famous Broadway for entertainment.

New York City is the business capital of the world and many national and international corporations have their headquarters in New York City. Wall Street, the world's leading center of finance and the home of the American Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange.

As far as professional sports go, this city has two of everything. Two professional baseball, basketball, hockey, and football teams are located in the city.

Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate options from the ones given below:

1. New York is the largest ______ in the United States.

a. city b. country

c. county d. school

2. New York is home to more than _______ million people.

a. two b. five

c. eight d. ten

3. Which of the following is a true statement?

a. New York is a small city.

b. New York has a large number of arts galleries.

c. New York has little impact on the world's economy.

d. None of the above.

4. How many stock exchanges reside in New York?

a. none b. one

c. two d. three

5. Which of the following is NOT true?

a. Chicago is smaller than New York.

b. Chicago is larger than New York.

c. Little athletics takes place in New York because it is a city.

d. All of the above are true.

4. Read the following poem carefully. (5 Marks )

The Song of the Engine

When you travel on the railway

And the line goes up a hill,

Just listen to the engine

As it pulls you with a will.

Though it goes so very slowly

It sings this little song,

'I think I can, I think can,'

And so it goes along.

But later on the journey,

When you're going down a hill

The train requires no pulling,

And the engine's singing still,

If you listen very quietly

You will hear this little song,

'I thought I could, I thought I could!

And so it speeds along.

Christine Weatherly

Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate options from the ones given below:

1. ‘Line’ in the second stanza stands for

a. the clothesline

b. the railway line

c. lines on the train

2. When the train goes up a hill it has to

a. run

b. pull

c. will

3. Going down a hill is easy for the train as

a. it doesn’t have to sing

b. it doesn’t have to eat

c. it doesn’t have to pull

4. Which is not a song sung by the train ?

a. I think I can ,I think I can

b. I know I would ,I know I would

c. I thought I could ,I thought I could

5. What is the moral of the poem?

a. Old is gold.

b. Where there is a will , there is a way.

c. Make hay while the sun shines


Q5. You lost your instrument box (geometry box)in the school campus. Write a notice to be put up on the school notice board.(Give the details of the box ,what material it is made of and what it contains. Also promise a reward for the finder) 5 marks

Q6.Write a paragraph on Jawaharlal Nehru using the notes given below 7 marks

Jawaharlal Nehru

Born -14 November 1889–

Father-Motilal Nehru,

Mother -Swaroop Rani

educated in India and Britain.

Joined Indian National Congress when young

1916- married Kamala Kaul

fought for Indias independence

1947-became India’s first prime minister

died of a heart attack -27 May 1964

Q7. You fell down from your bicycle .Your leg is fractured . Write a letter to the principal of your Vidyalaya requesting him to grant you seven days leave on medical grounds 8 marks


Q8.Complete the following passage by choosing the correct option from the ones given below. Write the answer in your answer sheet: (4 marks)

Samantha 1) ------- almost in front 2)-------- the spooky old house on Manchester Street. She glanced up and saw that the old man 3)---------- lived in the house was peering out of a window . He 4) ------- directly at her.

1. a)is b)were c)am d)being

2.a)at b)on c)of d)with

3.a)who b)what c)which d)when

4.a)looked b)looks c)was looking d)looking

Q9. Complete the following by choosing the correct option from the ones given below. Write the answer in your answer sheet: (4 marks)

1. A --------------- of sheep was crossing the road .

a) herd b)group c)flock d)crowd

2.I went to Mayajal to watch ------ English movie

a) a b)the c)many d)an

3.Mala said she ----------she could go home early.

a) wished b) wishes c)is wishing d) will wish

4. She sang -----------------------.Everyone loved it.

a)sweetfully b)sweet c)sweeter d)sweetly

Q10.Choose the correct option to fill in the gaps. (4 marks)

Jamie opened the bedroom window and (1) --------outside. The air smelled fresh (2)--------warm. Spring was here! Jamie (3)all winter for this moment. Jamie went downstairs. Jamie’s father was eating breakfast in (d)--------- kitchen. Jamie wanted to be a scientist just like him someday

1. a). look b) looking lc)looks d)looked

2. a) and b)of c)for d)as

3. a)waiting b) had waited c) waited d)is waiting

4 a) an b)the c) a d)for

Q. 11 Choose the right option (4 marks)

1. ----------------------is the stepping stone to success’

a) Fail b)failed c)Failure d)failing

2. He speaks ------------------ to everyone.

a)calm b)calmly c)calmness d)calmer

3. He is the ---------------dancer I have ever seen.

a)greatest b)great c)greater d)greatness

4. My father is very ---------- .

a) patiently b)patient c)patience d)impatiently

Q.12.Choose the correctly spelt words. (4marks )

1.a) vacation b)vaccation c)vaction d)vacasion

2. a)coperation b)cooperation c)cooporation d) coperasion

3. a)seperate b)seprate c)separate d)seporate

4. a)Mathmatics b)Mathematics c)Mathamatics d)Mathematisc

Section D( Literature) 20 marks

Q 13 Read the extracts and answer the following questions by choosing the most suitable options. Attempt any two: (2X 3 =6 Marks)

A. “Lets find a herd of cows. I will kill a cow and then we can both eat our fill”

1.The name of the lesson is

a) Taro’s Reward b)How the Dog Found Himself a Master c) Who did Patrick’s Homework? d)A Home A House

2. Who is the speaker?

a)A dog b)a lion c)a man d)a bear

3.Who is he speaking to ?

a) a man b)a wolf c)a dog d)a mouse

B. This made Taro sadder than ever.

1. ‘This’ refers to

a) a strong wind b) taro’s father’s old age c)Taro’s inability to buy sake as it was expensive d)Taro’s mother’s sickness

2.Where did Taro live?

a) in London b)in China c) in Russia d) in Japan

3. What type of a man was Taro?

a) thoughtful

b) loving

c) hardworking

d) all the above

C Then soars like a ship

With only a sail

1. These lines are from

a.)The Kite b) A House A Home c) Beauty d) The Quarrel

2. What soars like a ship?

a)The bus b) the kite c) the ship d)the fly

3.The name of the poet is

a)Eleanor Farjeon b)John Keats c) Harry Behn d)Lorraine

Q14. Answer any four of the following questions. (30-40 words each) 2x4= 8 Marks)

1.Why did Taro run in the direction of the stream?

2.How can beauty be heard?

3. How did Patrick help the little man?

4.What made Ray think the man was not a real shopper?

5>How did the rishi explain the different ways in which the birds behaved?

6 .Why did the farmer’s wife strike the mongoose with her basket?.

Q15. You loved reading Taro’s Reward. Write a paragraph on why you loved it and what lesson you learned from it . (6 marks)


Write a letter to your grandmother about the Shepherd and his Treasure(6 mark

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